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Is your camera roll full of pet photos and videos? Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday complete with cake and singing? Did your kids eat cereal for dinner last night but your pets ate like royalty? You have found your tribe—your people—you’re in the right place!


We are a company filled with pet lovers just like you! We know that pets are more than just pets—they are beloved members of our pack. Even on our worst days, our pets love us and we love them back—unconditionally.


An expression of that unconditional love is choosing the absolute best food and treats for your pet. Wholesome, nutritious food is the building block for a thriving, healthy pet.  Our promise to you is clear. We will only provide the best quality foods—free from corn, wheat, soy & by-products, and fillers. We stock nothing but the best so that your beloved pets live long, strong, healthy, and abundant lives.  


We love the Grand Island community and love the opportunity to serve the people and pets of Grand Island. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support since opening in 2007. Be sure to stop in to see Lynda, Julie and Samantha at our new location- 2099 Grand Island Boulevard. 


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